The 6 best composting toilets for your mobile home, summer house and Tiny House

The best composting toilets for your mobile home, summer house and Tiny House

In this article I’d like to give you an overview of the most popular and recognized dry or composting toilets for mobile homes, summer houses or Tiny Houses.

As you are used to from me, I will briefly discuss the features of each composting toilets. Since I have already tested all of them myself, there is also an accompanying video for most which I will link under the corresponding toilet.

I would love to hear about your experiences with these separation toilets in the comments section later.

I will update this blog on a regular basis as applicable.

What’s special about these composting toilets

All of these composting toilets have one thing in common – as the name says – they separate liquids from solids. This occurs in a built-in separator part in the toilet.

The mixing of urine and stool is therefore prevented.

The advantage: No water and no chemicals are required to combat odor like in a normal chemical toilet. And you can easily dispose of your waste (almost) anywhere and even use it as fertilizer* depending on circumstance.

*Please research for yourself in advance what’s permitted and what isn’t!

Here you can find more information about the structure and function of a separation/dry toilet.

Blog: Structure of a Separation Toilet

Separett Villa 9010 – the classic composting toilet

I’ll begin with what is probably the most widely-used composting toilet from the company Separett. This is the Villa 9010 or Villa 9000 (as a 230V variant). This toilet comes from Sweden and is very popular in the Nordic countries. 

Separation toilets are often used there, especially in holiday houses. This toilet impresses with its accessories as well as in appearance. 

Everything is provided, except for the urine container. It is one of the few separation toilets that looks very similar to an ordinary toilet.

The Separett Villa 9010 is made of very high-quality plastic. It is fitted with a comfortable toilet seat and is simple to operate.

The built-in separation insert is the same as Separett’s Privy 400, the only difference being that the color of this one is coordinated with the toilet (it is white).

Inside the composting toilet itself is a built-in black bucket for the solids. You can easily remove this tub by opening the upper section of the toilet – like the bonnet of a car.

In addition to the built-in bucket, two extra buckets with lids are included in the delivery. So you can dispose your solid waste accordingly for longer stays.

What my wife and I especially like is the built-in privacy cover for the solids bucket.

The flap remains closed most of the time but automatically opens when you sit down on the toilet.

When you stand up again, after you have finished your business, the flap closes itself again.

This way you don’t look at the remains in the solids container as soon as you lift the toilet lid.

The liquid is drained off to the front via the separation insert and then flows through a hose into the back of the toilet.

There is no urine container inside the dry toilet. This must be set up separately outside of the toilet. It is also not included in the delivery.

Separett has, however, built in a fan which can be driven by 12V or 230V.

Included in the delivery are 3 tubs with lids for collecting solids, along with a range of connection materials for ventilating and dehumidifying the toilet.

If you value a high-quality, attractive separation toilet, and have the space for it, you will be well served with the Separett Villa 9010.

By the way: There is a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on this toilet.

Further details about the Separett Villa 9010 can be found here.

Nature’s Head – The composting toilet among separation toilets

This separation toilet, or rather composting toilet, is a dry toilet made of plastic.

The plastic is not as smooth and shiny as the Separett. But this separation toilet has other advantages.

The Nature’s Head basically consists of two parts. The upper part contains the separation insert and the lower part also serves as the container for the solids.

This composting toilet is very compact and is an all-in-one toilet. That means that both the solid and urine containers are directly built-in.

In addition to the actual separation system, the NH is equipped with another significant feature.

It has a stirring mechanism built into the solids container. This means that it is no longer necessary to sprinkle the feces. Each ‘Number 2’ is simply stirred in.

This has the decided advantage of not requiring any additional sawdust etc.

The built-in ventilator removes moisture in order to greatly reduce the volume of solids and begin the composting process.

According to the manufacturer, the toilet can be used up to 60 times before the solids container needs to be emptied.

This makes it less of a problem that the toilet has to be completely disassembled and ‘removed’ in order to empty the solids container.

By the way: In order to enable the stirring mechanism, dissolve a coconut brick in water, so there is a starting material in the container.

The separation occurs in the built-in separation insert in the upper part of the toilet. This toilet also has a lid which closes off the solids container when it is not in use and also directs excess liquid into the urine tank in the front.

Because the built-in urine tank holds 8.3 liters, it needs to be emptied approximately every 2 days. But this volume of urine is easily handled and disposed of.

If you require a larger urine tank, one can of course be attached externally to the toilet and the urine conducted into it via a hose.

The toilet seat is not the most comfortable, however the flap makes it very good for women to use.

You can purchase the Nature’s Head here for 999 EUR.

If you would like to learn more about the Nature’s Head separation and composting toilet, check out this interview which I conducted with the importer:

Separett Weekend 7010 – simple but good (currently not available)

The Separett Weekend is another simple separation toilet from the Swedish company Separett. It was designed for summer houses. In contrast to Villa 9010, it is constructed along relatively simple lines.

Here too, the urine is separated from solids by means of a separation insert. The plastic version does not look as high quality as the villa. It has a more robust external appearance. It does, however, look very modern.

You can buy them in white and grey.

The solids bucket can be easily removed by taking off the top of the toilet.

Again, the urine is drained into a separate canister using a hose. Unfortunately, due to the shape, no urine canister can be installed inside the toilet itself

This toilet is ideal for a garden shed. And with a price of 519 EUR, it is one of the cheaper alternatives.

However, I also know users who have installed the Separett Weekend 7010 in their motor home. It depends a lot on the available space.

Another tip: If you are using it in a garden shed where you work a lot and go to the toilet with dirty shoes, the grey version is highly recommended – this is much more suitable. 

Designer carpenter’s composting toilet TRENNTO – the beautiful composting toilet

The carpenters composting toilet is fairly new. It was born out of the need to build a beautiful toilet for my motor home that looks like a normal toilet.

As the name suggests, it comes from a carpenter. It is therefore of very high quality.

This dry separation toilet is also an all-in-one solution. That means the solid container and the urine tank are already installed in the toilet.

In addition to the attractive appearance, it is also very compact. Due to the size, it fits a smaller bathroom. All components fixed firmly in place so that you can also use them it in a motor home. The urine tank and solids container are also removed from above in the model. You simply open the entire top panel.

The separation takes place via a modern separation insert – which extends across the entire width and length of the dry toilet. This is well suited for both men and women.

A privacy flap for the solid matter is not currently planned. The solid bucket is relatively small, but is enough for two people for a few days. The 10 litre urine canister used is also easy to handle.

Since a standard toilet seat with soft-close is installed, the toilet is very comfortable. Like all other separating toilets, I also recommend installing a fan or using one that you already have.

This carpenter’s separation toilet is well suited for mobile homes, holiday houses and Tiny Houses.

You can find more information here: Designer carpenter’s separation toilet.
You can get the designer toilet from the carpenter here in store from 799 EUR.

My Conclusion

There is now a good selection of composting toilets and dry toilets available. So you don’t always have to build one yourself. Depending on where you want to use the toilet, each has its advantages.
The decision, as usual, largely depends on your personal preferences.

As a rule, you will have to decide on space, purpose and appearance.

All of the separating toilets listed here are well thought out and easy to use.

If you have a Tiny House in which you would like to install an “almost standard toilet”, the Separett Villa 9010 is your number one choice.

You are traveling with a motor home for a long time and you also want to dispose of your solids as infrequently as possible, then you should choose the Nature’s Head.

I myself currently use the designer carpenter’s toilet in my motor home because it is comfortable, compact and visually appealing.

I look forward to your comments and your experiences with your toilet.

Yours, Markus

PS: Under Videos you will find many short videos about the individual toilets.


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