How to find the right Urine Separator Insert for your Composting Toilet

The 4 best Urine Separator Inserts for Composting Toilets


To build your garden toilet, holiday house toilet or mobile home toilet yourself

In this article I would like to introduce you to the most common Urine Separator Inserts for dry toilets.

Since I wrote this blog post last year, a lot has happened in the arena of ​​separation toilets, dry toilets and composting toilets.

And that’s good. It shows that the dry separation toilets are attracting attention as garden toilets and in ​​mobile homes and holiday houses, and that they are increasingly displacing the chemical toilet.

I have revised this article so that you stay up to date.

If the principle of the separation toilet or the dry separation toilet is not yet completely clear to you, take a look at this blog article.

This blog post is broken down as follows:

  1. The principle of the separation toilet. How does a composting toilet actually work?
  2. Which Urine Separator Inserts are available?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of the various Urine Separator Inserts
  4. What should you pay attention to when building your own toilet?
  5. My Conclusion
  6. Further links

How they are structured, what you can expect for your money, and which advantages and disadvantages they have.

With one of these “separators” each of you should be able to build your own separation toilet. All that’s missing is the bucket and the urine container.

1. What is the Urine Separator Insert for?

The composting toilet consists of three essential components. Firstly, we have the actual separation insert, which separates the liquid from the solid, as well as the containers for the urine and for the solid.

The separation insert is the heart of every composting toilet. Using this insert the urine should be separated cleanly from the solids.

By separating you ensure that the excretions do not mix.

The advantage: the separated excrement does not stink and your toilet is therefore odorless.

Why it is like that? Basically, the urine does not smell as long as it does not decompose.

The solid also does not smell when it has dried thoroughly. Most use a suitable sawdust or dry litter (e.g. small animal litter) for this.

Depending on the degree of use, you should also provide the separation toilet with a fan. This ensures that excess moisture is removed from your toilet and thus supports faster drying.

The better the separation works, the less effort you will have later with your separation toilet.

Please also have a look at the following blog article on the structure and function of a separation toilet.

2. Which Urine Separator Inserts for Dry Toilets are available?

Quite a large selection of Urine Separator Inserts for composting toilets now exist. Depending on where you use your dry toilet, e.g. in a mobile home or as a garden toilet or in a holiday house, one or other of the composting toilet insert has its advantages.

The most popular Urine Separator Inserts for composting toilets, separation toilets and dry toilets on the market are currently:

  • Separett Privy 501 (500 and 400)
  • Free range design from Great Britain
  • Tractor funnel from the hardware store

In the following subchapter I go into more detail about the individual separation inserts.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of the individual Urine Separator for dry toilets

Separett Privy 501 (500, 400)

It is from Separett and is available in different versions:

  • As Privy 501 (see picture above), as well as in variants
  • Privy 500 (with a hard foam toilet seat)
  • Privy 400 (without anything additional – the separation insert only)
  • Privy 503 (with a wooden seat)

All are available in Separett blue and, more recently, in gray.

This separation insert comes from Sweden. That is, from the country where the composting toilet/ dry toilet is very common and popular.

Separett therefore has a great deal experience with separation and composting toilets. In addition to separation inserts, Separett also builds completely finished separation toilets / dry separation toilets.

In addition to the actual separating insert, the Separett Privy 501 also comes with a toilet seat in white.

All for a price of 117 EUR. (Here in store)

The delivery also includes a 2.5 m spiral hose to drain the urine into a suitable canister.

The Separett Privy 501 Urine Separator

Is quickly installed in a previously sawn hole using four screws. A template is also printed on the box.

Even if you have not sawed accurately, you will not notice it later, because the separating insert has a large edge and is inserted from above.

Manufactured using the injection molding process, it has a high manufacturing quality, with a very smooth surface which makes cleaning very easy. Dirt is of course not as noticeable with grey separation insert as with the white one.

The insert also includes a small additional plastic part, which you can choose to click into the rear area of ​​the separating insert.

With this insert, the urine area is enlarged by approx. 1 cm and extended to the rear. Depending on the seating position, this can be an advantage.

In addition, the rear edge increases by approximately 1.5 cm. This provides improved protection against urine flow into the solids container.

When in use, you should regularly remove this component and clean it accordingly.

Apart from this, the additional part here forms a very nice, high edge that safely drains the urine to the front.

But as I said, you do not have to use the insert element. Just try it out.

So far, unfortunately, this was only available in blue, which stopped some from using this separation insert or switching to the Privy 500/400 in grey.

But now it is finally also available in grey, see photo. This will also make your separation toilet more aesthetically pleasing.

This separation insert is not the cheapest, but you get a matching toilet seat and a 2.5 m spiral hose included.

In the shop you can get the Separett Priy 501 separation insert for 117 EUR.

Alternatively, there is also a partition insert with a hard foam toilet seat as the Privy 500 for 85 EUR.

Or without a toilet seat as the Privy 400 for 82.50 EUR.

You can find all versions under separation inserts here in store.

Freerange design separating insert

The Freerange design separator insert also comes from the UK.

The company currently only offers the funnel; apart from this it produces nothing in the area of ​​dry or separating toilets.

The insert is available in white (as here in my photo) or in black.

Both can be obtained here on Amazon for 40 EUR.

A small installation instruction in English comes with the delivery.

The ideal mounting point is also described here.

The funnel is the front urine collector

A small sieve is supplied with the insert. Probably for collecting kidney stones.

Unfortunately, you can’t really fix the strainer in place unless you use super glue.

In my opinion, the funnel could be a little bigger so that the whole thing is more suitable for women.

The shape also creates a drip edge where something can quickly flow down into the toilet without being noticed.

This is a simple deep-drawn part. As can be seen, it is moulded from a square piece of plastic. Depending on the use, the edges should still be trimmed.

The surface is a bit bumpy due to the manufacturing process. The funnel is also not quite as stable as that of Separett, but also not as expensive.

You have a relatively open hand with the installation, as I said, the edge may need to be trimmed a bit. You can also use it with a standard toilet seat.

The Urine Separator Insert from Freerange Design is available here on Amazon.

Tractor funnel as a separating insert

If you really want to save, I would like to introduce you to this alternative…

I once found this idea in a forum and for the sake of thoroughness I don’t want to leave it out

A tractor funnel for pouring oil.

Yes, you understood correctly. It is a funnel from the agricultural sector.

The funnel has more or less similar dimensions to the Urine Separator from Freerange Design. It also has the strainer.

The funnel is also available in white and black from Amazon. It is also a plastic deep-drawn part.

The catchment area is relatively narrow

and therefore not really suitable for women. I also find the look not really appealing. But if you are looking for something really cheap, you can adapt it for your purposes.

But be careful, there are a few things to consider:

The funnel has a very small rim, which makes installation a little difficult. There is not much space left for the screws.

It is also goes down to a considerable depth. For this reason an appropriately flat bottle or canister must be found, or else the toilet itself must be designed accordingly high.

But if you just install a hose for discharge, you will certainly get along all right.

By the way, the funnel is available here at Amazon for 12.70 EUR.

4. The basics to consider when installing

Women and men are anatomically different. This is especially true when using a composting toilet.

You should pay attention here to the optimal positioning of the Urine Separator Insert. The best thing to do is take a test wee beforehand.

It is also important that we males do not use the toilet while standing, because it is guaranteed to go “wrong”. But this should be obvious.

The more upright you are on the toilet, the better you can aim. So just practice a little.

Incidentally, this also applies to the ready-made toilets available for purchase.

I will post my own article on this later. If you don’t want to miss it, just sign up for the separation letter at the bottom, below the blog post. I will let you know whenever there is new information.

My conclusion

There is currently a good variety of separation inserts for building your own eco toilet, dry toilet and composting toilet. Regardless of whether you want it for your summer house, boat, holiday house or mobile home.

Depending on your preference and budget, there is something for everyone.

For me, the Urine Inserts from Separett and Trelino are the best choices. They are stable, well thought out and are good quality products.

The Separett captivates with its toilet seat combination, is inexpensive and also quite respectable in the new gray color. Combined with the toilet seat, this insert is somewhat larger. So be sure to note the dimensions if you have limited space.

The new Trelino is based on a proven shape, looks good, is very compact and works well for women and children too. The separation toilet inserts are available in white, which is great. Trelino is very compact and therefore my first choice when space is tight.

The other Urine Separators also have their own benefits. As so often, it depends on your own preferences.What kind of Urine Separator Insert are you using? What is important to you? Do you have any questions that remain unanswered here?

Write to me in the comment section. I’m looking forward to it.

Yours, Markus


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