Separett • Villa Composting Toilet

Separett SKU: T1-11067
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet
 Separett • Villa Composting Toilet

Separett • Villa Composting Toilet

Separett SKU: T1-11067
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Separett Villa 9010 and 9000 Separate toilet / dry toilet

The Villa of Separett is a comfortable separate toilet (dry toilet) for permanent installation. It has a view protection on the solid, is supplied with fan and extensive accessories. The Separett Villa has no built-in urine tank, as it is designed for an external urine canister or urine tank.

The Separett Villa has two versions: 9010 or 9000

  • The 9000 variant is supplied exclusively with a 230 V power supply unit.
  • Variant 9010 is supplied with both 12 V and 230 V power supply.Apart from the missing 12V fan and the 12V battery cable, the Villa 9000 is identical in construction to the Villa 9010.

Application scope

The Separett Villa 9010 and 9000 are ideal for use in the:

  • weekend house
  • vacation home
  • summer house

The Separett Villa 9010 composting toilet is suitable for all who want to install a composting toilet in their bathroom. Especially in weekend houses or vacation homes this toilet is ideal. It has a large solids container as well as 2 additional exchangeable bins with lids. The fan is directly integrated and designed for continuous operation. Since the toilet does not have an integrated canister for urine, this must be installed separately if necessary.

The Separett Villa 9010 is rather not suitable for mobile homes because it is relatively large (long). Also the handling with the big bucket is not so advantageous.

The Separett Villa is still available in a pure 230V version. This is called Separett Villa 9000. It can only be operated with 230V. Since the Separett Villa 9010 is delivered with a 230V power supply, it can also be easily connected to a normal Schuko socket. Therefore our 1st choice is the Villa 9010 toilet. Apart from the 12V fan and the included 12V battery cable and 230/12V power adapter, Villa 9010 is identical in construction to Villa 9000.

In contrast to the Weekend 7010, the Separett Villa 9010 presented here is larger and built up from deep-drawn parts (Weekend 7010 = manufactured using the drum casting process). Therefore the appearance and the surface quality is smoother. The seat height is somewhat lower.

The Separett Villa 9010 with 12/230 V and the Separett Villa 9000 with 230 V connection is in no way inferior to a normal toilet. It is your ideal dry toilet for your vacation or weekend home. Thanks to the simple, timeless design it fits optically into almost every bathroom. It has a built-in privacy screen that prevents direct view of the solid matter. This privacy screen opens automatically when you put it on the toilet seat and frees the opening for the solid matter. So you do not look into the "deep black hole" before sitting down.



  • Shock-resistant, high-gloss polypropylene, recyclable


  • (W/L/H) 45.6/ 67.2/ 54.1 cm
  • Collection container for solid matter: 23 l
  • Electrical fan values: 12 V - 2.5 W
    Energy consumption: 0.396/ 0.276 kWh/ 24 hours
    Electrical connection: 1.9 m battery cable or 230/ 12V mains plug adapter
    Fan noise level: <30 dB(A)


  • Weight approx. 20 kg

You get a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on the toilet!


A further highlight of the Separett Villa 9010: The solid waste collection container is not placed in the middle and is mechanically slightly twisted every time we sit down. This way you do not build a "pyramid". And the solids bin can be used longer until the next emptying. Urine is separated by the built-in Urine separator insert and is cleanly discharged to the back through an internal hose. The basis is also here the usual urine separator of Separett.

Separett Villa is characterized by:

  • Comfortable toilet seat
  • Easy handling
  • Large solids bucket
  • Visual protection for the solids area
  • Good material appearance
  • Easy to install
  • High scope of delivery (fan and many accessories already included)
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty

The 12V version Separett Villa 9010 can be used in places without a regular power or water supply. The built-in fan with a power consumption of only 2.5 W, 210 mA is well suited for operation with solar cells or batteries. The average usage time with a 12 V 100 Ah (car) battery is about two weeks. With the included power supply unit the Separett Villa can also be operated energy-saving with "shore power", i.e. 230 V. The fan is located in the rear body, behind the solids tank in the blue fan housing.

The Separett Villa is delivered with all assembly parts needed for an easy installation of the Separett toilet / dry toilet with direct wall feed-through.

Scope of delivery

  • Separet Villa 9010 or 9000
  • 3 collecting containers for solid material with 2 lids
  • Version 9010 with 12 V fan, battery cable 230/ 12V mains plug adapter
  • Version 9000 with 230 V Schuko plug
  • exhaust air pipe 40 cm (Ø75 mm)
  • Pipe end piece
  • Wall cover
  • 90° pipe bend
  • rain hood
  • 10 compostable insert bags
  • 2 m white hose for urine drainage (Ø 32 mm)
  • Silicone sealant for the vent pipes
  • Screws and fittings for fastening

Please note: You will need a separate urine canister / urine collection container in addition to the toilet. This is not installed in the toilet. For this purpose you should plan an appropriate place behind or under the composting toilet Villa. For a successful installation you should plan a distance of about 3 cm to the wall behind the toilet. You can find suitable urine containers in our accessories.

Customer Reviews

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Praktisch, ästhetisch, gut.

Dipl.-Ing.Architekt Mohamed Mamoghli

Wir sind eine Gruppe im Anfang z.Z. 10 Berliner Familien wir sind am gründen eine e.G.,Ich bin z.Z. der Planer des Projektes insgesamt
Unser Ziel ist u.a.:
Mit Hilfe des Senates: Grunstück ist vorh. unser Konzept ist in der Prüfung beim Senat.
geplant ist ein (ekologisches) Mehrfamilienhaus, KG., EG.inkl. kl. Läden, 1.- 5.OG. , in der Entwurfsphase


Pro: Macht was es soll. Vor allem das große Volumen und der Sichtschutz sind echt hervorragend.

Contra: Ein Bild mit Größenvergleich zu anderen Produkten hätte mich sehr geholfen. War etwas überrascht.


Die Toilette wurde schnell geliefert, wir haben uns die Toilette bis jetzt nur angesehen und die Funktionen getestet. Die Toilette macht einen soliden Eindruck und wird unsere Chemietoilette demnächst ablösen.


Recht gross, aber sehr einfach zu bedienen und säubern. Der Ventilator ist aussreichen, um den Geruch in Schach zu halten!