Goldeimer • 20ℓ Kackpulver | Poop powder

Goldeimer SKU: T4-12520
Goldeimer • 20ℓ Kackpulver | Poop powder
Goldeimer • 20ℓ Kackpulver | Poop powder
Goldeimer • 20ℓ Kackpulver | Poop powder
Goldeimer • 20ℓ Kackpulver | Poop powder

Goldeimer • 20ℓ Kackpulver | Poop powder

Goldeimer SKU: T4-12520
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Poop powder for scattering your solids

Premium litter for your composting toilet/ dry composting toilet due to optimal composition

Goldeimer is a young Hamburg-based company on a mission. As a 100 % subsidiary of Viva con Agua and a non-profit limited company, all profits flow into social projects on the subject of sanitation and hygiene. Do good and choose the Kackpulver | Poop powder from Goldeimer.

Why is poop powder a premium bedding?

  • it simply works well ;-) - better than small animal litter & Co.
  • 99% of the raw materials come from Germany, so it is regional and has a much better ecological footprint than peat or coconut fiber.

Application scope

The premium litter Kackpulver | Poop powder from Goldeimer is optimally composed for the use of composting toilets, dry compost toilets or waterless toilets.

  • Prevents unpleasant odors
  • Promotes humus formation
  • Structure, consistency and color optimal for composting toilets
  • Consists of organic absorbent fibers, green waste compost, vegetable carbon, rock flour mix and Effective Microorganisms (EM)
  • Suitable for the production of Terra Preta

On the one hand, plant charcoal provides habitat for microorganisms and on the other hand, it absorbs all kinds of substances and moisture. In addition, plant carbon improves the availability of nutrients and water in the soil. The plant charcoal is certified organic and approved for organic farming (FiBL).

The rock flour mix is composed of zeolite, bentonite, diabase primary rock flour and diatomaceous earth. High-quality, nutrient-rich humus is produced by these minerals, which can store water particularly well.

Effective microorganisms are responsible for improving the decomposition and composting processes.

Note: Due to the composition of the poop powder, it is dark and stains slightly. We recommend using a small shovel to fill it.



  • Poop powder consisting of:
  • Vegetable carbon
  • Rock flour mix (zeolite, bentonite, diabase primary rock flour and diatomaceous earth)
  • Effective microorganisms


  • 20ℓ bag


  • approx. 0.5 liters per session
  • sprinkle and cover everything well

Scope of delivery
  • 20ℓ bag of Kackpulver | Poop powder

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Der Name ist sensationell, das Produkt selbst aber auch. Riecht super angenehm und erfüllt seinen Zweck - Top!


Der Name ist ja wohl sensationell! Und es ist zudem noch das beste Streu, das wir bisher hatten. Riecht nach nichts, ist super fein und bedeckt alles mit viel weniger Streu als bei allen anderen. Sehr zu empfehlen!


Super Name, klasse Zeug.

(-) Nachteil Biolan: Sehr grobteilig dadurch schlechte Abdeckung; Sehr trocken und verstaubt dadurch die komplette Toilette
( ) Vorteil Kackpulver: Etwas feuchter und viel feiner, sodass die Wurst besser bedeckt wird