Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet

Trelino® SKU: T1-02409
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet

Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet

Trelino® SKU: T1-02409
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Trelino L Wood - our first wooden compost toilet for your motor home and more freedom.

Stay longer at your favorite place with the Trelino L Wood. Don't let a chemical toilet keep you from staying longer than 2 days at the most beautiful places, even if there is no disposal station there. The new Trelino L Wood is the alternative for your chemical toilet in the motor home. No matter where you travel with your camper and where you want to stay overnight. The Trelino L wood compost toilet is different:

  • immediately ready for use
  • no water and no chemistry necessary
  • it can be disposed of (almost) everywhere and
  • extra compact: only 39,5 cm deep and 33 cm wide
  • comfortable seat height of 46 cm
  • made of high quality wood
  • robust and waterproof properties
  • ideal for motorhomes, panel vans and garden sheds
  • designed and manufactured in Germany

The Trelino L wood is a handmade compost toilet. It is available in two design variants: (1) oiled wood and (2) wood with high-quality HPL finish in the familiar Trelino anthracite look.

Application scope

The Trelino L Wood is the ideal dry compost toilet for:

  • Motor homes with small toilet/bathroom area.
    Camper as fixed toilet
    Vans/ buses as a fixed toilet

The Trelino L wood compost toilet is manufactured to a particularly high standard. During production, precise milling work and assembly by master craftsmen in the heart of the Rhineland intertwine. The wooden compost toilet is made of okoumé, a particularly light wood with a velvety-soft surface. The wood is known for its excellent gluing properties and high durability with a natural wood look. The attached wooden lid is flush with the body and does not protrude backwards when opened. The toilet seat is form-fitted from above and sits precisely on the robust body. The Trelino L wood impresses with its simple yet elegant appearance with straight shapes and precisely milled edges. The rounded radii allow the thighs to rest comfortably when sitting and enhance the velvety-soft feel of the seat. The included divider insert ensures maximum freedom of movement. Operating the Trelino L Holz is as intuitive as it is child's play. Intervention aids also make handling easier. Thanks to the intuitive plug-in mechanism of the separator insert, both hands are free for emptying the containers (buckets/canisters). Another addition is hidden inside the box: a second, closing lid (DN 100) is recessed into the base and can be used at any time for manual transport of the urine canister and then put back again.

The gray Trelino L Wood has a robust HPL coating and is therefore insensitive to fingerprints as well as scratch-resistant.

The Trelino L Wood is the ideal compost toilet for you if you like to dispose of your solids in an uncomplicated way via a bag/bucket. To support the drying process you should use additional litter (small animal litter, composting toilet litter or similar).

The Trelino L Wood Composting Toilet is specially designed for small spaces, to be installed even in the smallest bathrooms, e.g. in the Tiny House. Due to its compact design, the Trelino L Wood does not take up more space than standard fixed chemical toilets. It has a comfortable toilet seat molded on and can score with its seat height of 46 cm with comfort. The basic material of Trelino L wood is glued waterproof and has a high resistance to water and moisture. The material does not swell when wet. Therefore, the Trelino L Wood can also be used in damp rooms.

Due to the separation of urine and solids, no chemicals are needed. Your natural excreta remains natural and can therefore be easily disposed of (e.g. in household waste, on the compost). You don't need to drive to a disposal station anymore, so it replaces the chemical toilet in your vehicle.

The Trelino L wood waterless toilet has numerous advantages over a normal chemical toilet. It is always ready to use. It needs neither water nor chemicals. Thus, your whole vehicle does not smell of chemicals and you do not senselessly consume precious water, which you later have to dispose of again.



  • Case and lid: wood (okoumé, PFSC certified).
  • Base material is waterproof glued and particularly resistant, no swelling when wet
  • Available in (1) wood, oiled and (2) wood anthracite with robust HLP coating
  • Hinges: Stainless steel
  • Separator insert: High gloss ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) surface, acid resistant PMAA coating
  • Container: Polyethylene (PE), recyclable, acid-resistant


  • (W/D/H) 33.0 x 39.5 x 47.5 cm
  • Seat height: 46 cm
  • lid height: approx. 1,5 cm
  • Urine canister: 10ℓ


  • Particularly light and compact at 9.6 kg
  • Loadable up to approx. 150 kg


Unlike the well-known separating toilets available on the market, the Trelino L Wood is very compact and thus fits into most, small bathrooms. The Trelino L Wood has a wooden lid that is attached with hinges embedded in the wood and can thus be conveniently folded up. Intervention aids also make handling easier. In order to have both hands free for the removal of the contained containers, a plug-in mechanism is integrated to fix the separating insert meanwhile. The containers are optimized and handy for convenient emptying. The compact and lightweight design makes the Trelino L Wood suitable as both a portable and a permanently installed toilet solution.

The urine canister with a capacity of 10 l usually lasts for approx. 2-3 days when used by 2 people. This can be easily removed and transported to the nearest disposal facility. The solids container is also removable and can thus be emptied more easily. So that you can also dispose of the solids in the residual waste, we recommend the use of bags, which you simply insert into the solids bin. The 10.6ℓ container is sufficient for about 30-40 sessions.

After each toilet session, we recommend that you sprinkle litter (small animal litter, compost toilet litter or similar) over your solids. By doing so, you will aid in drying and immediately create a dry surface for odor prevention.

The Trelino L Wood toilet seat is particularly soft and comfortable due to the wood used. Please note: A compost toilet also works for men only in a sitting position. After your toilet use, you can simply close the folded back wooden lid.

To be able to remove the containers, please take off the toilet seat including the lid and pull up the separating insert with the help of the access hole. You can then easily insert it into the plug-in mechanism in the body. Then you can simply remove the individual containers. For transporting the urine canister, a closed lid is also integrated in the base of the compost toilet, which can simply be screwed onto the canister and then stowed away again in the base of the box.

Scope of delivery

  • Housing made of wood in the ordered color and variation
  • Toilet seat incorporated into the top of the toilet
  • Separating insert made of ABS with acid-resistant PMAA coating
  • Urine canister 10ℓ incl. odor trap/ leakage protection
  • Additional closed lid for transport of the urine canister (DN 100)
  • Solids bucket 10.6ℓ
  • Hinged wooden lid

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Schönstes Modell auf dem Markt

Hallo Community,

für mich die schönste TT auf dem Markt und die einzige, die vom Platzverbrauch in unser Wohnmobil passt. Werde auch vom Langzeittest berichten.

Viele Grüße

Entspannt auf Langzeitreise

Wir sind richtig zufrieden mit der Holz Trelino L. 1. Sie sieht richtig geil aus. 2. Sie gibt uns so viel mehr Freiheit. 3. Eine Toilette im Wohnmobil, die keine Kopfschmerzen mehr macht. Also echt nur Pluspunkte.
Wir machen eine Langzeitreise als kleine Familie zu dritt. Die Trenntoilette steht in unserer Nasszelle, da das Bad sehr eng ist. Die Toilette wird jedes mal nass. Aber kein Problem für das Holz. Sie sieht nach 8 Wochen immer noch so aus, wie am Anfang. Wir verwenden die Toilette ohne Lüfter. Den Durchbruch haben wir gescheut und letztlich funktioniert die Trenntoilette auch gut ohne. Nach 1 Woche entsorgen wir den Beutel. Der Urintank ist alle 2 Tage fällig. Leider ist uns der Urinbehälter schon 2 x mal ausgelaufen, weil wir nicht rechtzeitig ausgeleert haben. Meine Frau machte die Toilette dann mit den EM sauber, was echt gut funktionierte. Also alles in allem, wir sind begeistert.