Finally self-sufficient thanks to composting toilet

Here you will find all the information about the composting toilet, as well as products, do-it-yourself kits, accessories and personal advice.

The best composting toilets for your Van

Small and compact, no chemicals, no water - that is real freedom!

Composting toilets for Motor Homes

Stay longer at your favorite place with your composting toilet.

Composting toilets for your garden

No water, no chemistry and strong fertilizer. Find the best composting toilets here.
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet
from €649,00
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet
from €599,00
Trelino L – Shapely wooden composting toilet

Der große Trenntoiletten Report 2021

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Trelino • Urine Separator
SB 1 • DIY-Kit for Composting Toilets
from €145,00
SB XS • DIY Set for extra flat Composting Toilets
from €139,00
Deckel für Urinkanister mit Membranverschluss
Trelino • Urine Separator XL
SB 3 • DIY-Kit for Composting Toilets
from €126,00

Komm Probesitzen

Du möchtest eine Trenntoilette in echt sehen
und sie mal anfassen, ja vielleicht sogar mal Probesitzen?
Dann komm und besuche uns auf einer der kommenden Messen.

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!

Reviews from our customers


At last I can dispose (almost) everywhere. Simple and better it is not possible.

Motor home

We do it like the Swedes. Thanks to the composting toilet, we save wastewater and fresh water. Top.

Weekend house

No water, no chemicals. The best toilet I have ever built. Thanks to for the support.

The new Trelino®
Compact and stylish. Perhaps the best composting toilet in the world.
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Trennto: The designer composting toilet
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Trelino M Umbau im Kastenwagen

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Use your own toilet everywhere without having to constantly think about disposal.

No water

Composting toilets are waterless toilets. The toilet does not require valuable drinking water for flushing, which you have to dispose of again afterwards.

No chemistry

Since you're separating, you also don't need chemical additives to cover up odors. With composting toilets, these odors don't arise in the first place.

Simple disposal

Dispose of the urine in a normal toilet or use it to fertilize your garden. The solid matter goes into the household waste or compost.

Known from

I am Markus, the creator of ""

"I love to travel with my motorhome... And since I am often in beautiful places - as you might be - I would also like to stay there longer without being limited by my toilet..."

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Together for the environment

It is a matter of the heart for us to make the world a more beautiful place - without chemistry!

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