Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet

Trelino® SKU: T1-02302
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet
Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet

Trelino L • Elegant Composting Toilet

Trelino® SKU: T1-02302
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Trelino L • Elegant Composting toilet

Stay longer at your favorite place with the Trelino L. Don't let a missing toilet stop you from spending the night in the most beautiful places, even if there are no public toilets.
The new Trelino L is the alternative for a Chemical toilet in motor home. No matter where you travel with your Mobile Home and where you want to stay overnight. It is always with you.

Due to the high demand, especially for our Trelino models, there are currently extended processing and delivery times.

The Trelino L composting toilet is different:

  • it is always ready,
  • it needs no water and no chemicals,
  • it can be disposed of (almost) everywhere and
  • fits even in small mobile home bathrooms
  • extra compact: only 39 cm deep and 32,8 cm wide
  • without/ with fan
  • sturdy wooden lid - can be used as a stool
  • Designed and made in Germany

The Trelino is a normal composting toilet. It is available in two design variants: in bright white and anthracite.

Application scope

The Trelino L is the ideal dry composting toilet for

  • Motor homes with small toilets / bathroom area
  • Camper as fixed toilet
  • Vans/ busses as fixed toilet

The Trelino L composting toilet is equipped with a fan for air exchange and to improve drying. The vent should be led to the outside of the vehicle. It is therefore recommended to use the Trelino L waterless toilet as a permanently installed composting toilet. The fan connector (3-pin Molex terminal) sits on the fan side, which is determined by yourself. The fan is installed on the right or left side when viewed from the front. Alternatively, you can order with fan but without fan hole, so you can drill the hole where you need it yourself. The fan is included with the Trelino L. If you don't need a fan, you can order the Trelino L completely without fan. Choose your corresponding variant.

The Trelino L is the ideal composting toilet for you if you would like to dispose of your solid waste in a bag/ bucket. To support the drying process you should also use litter (small animal litter, toilet litter).

The Trelino L composting toilet is made of plastic and is compact enough to be installed in small bathrooms. It is specially designed for mobile homes. Due to its compact design, the Trelino L does not require more space than the common fixed chemical toilets. It has a comfortable toilet seat and can score with its seat height of 45 cm with comfort. Since the Trelino L is made completely of plastic, it can also be used in damp rooms. Due to the separation of urine and solid matter, no chemicals are needed. Your natural excrements remain natural and can therefore be easily disposed of (e.g. in household waste, compost). You do not need to go to a disposal station anymore. It replaces the chemical toilet in your vehicle.

The Trelino L composting toilet has numerous advantages over a normal chemical toilet. It is always ready to start. It requires neither water nor chemicals. Therefore your whole vehicle does not smell of chemicals and you do not waste precious water, which you have to dispose of later.

The Trelino L is suitable for motor home drivers, women, men and children* alike. The Trelino L fits in many bathrooms and requires little space. You can install the Trelino L permanently or use it as a portable unit. It gives you the freedom to stay longer in your favorite places, even if there is no waste disposal station. It helps to protect our environment, because with a separating toilet you only dispose of natural materials.

*For children under 4 years of age please use the children's separating insert in addition.


In contrast to the well-known composting toilets available on the market, it is very compact and therefore fits into many small bathrooms. The containers are optimized and still handy.

Depending on the variant, the Trelino L has a built-in fan to improve the air exchange and drying of the solids. Ideally, you should direct the exhaust air outside via the supplied hose. The fan set also includes a fan housing and a gill plate. If you do not need a fan, you can also order the Trelino L without a fan. This gives you even more flexibility.

The urine canister with a capacity of 10ℓ usually lasts for 2-3 days with 2 persons using it. It can be easily removed and transported to the nearest disposal facility. The solid container is also removable and can be emptied more easily. In order to be able to dispose of the solid waste in the residual waste, we recommend the use of bags, which you simply place in the solid waste bin. The 11.5ℓ container is sufficient for about 30-40 sessions.

After each visit to the toilet, we recommend that you sprinkle litter (small animal litter, toilet litter, etc.) over your solids. This will help the litter to dry and immediately create a dry surface to prevent odors.

The toilet seat of the Trelino L is covered with a multi-layer wooden plate. To use the toilet you can simply remove it and place it next to the toilet. (Please note: a composting toilet also works for men only when seated.) After going to the toilet you can simply put the cover back in place. It is held in place by magnets and thus remains on the toilet even during a bumpy ride.

To remove the container, simply lift off the upper part of the toilet. Afterwards you can simply remove, empty and reinsert the individual containers.



  • Housing: Polyethylene (PE), recyclable, acid and chemical resistant
    in white or
    in anthracite (RAL 7016)
  • Container: Polyethylene (PE), recyclable, acid and chemical resistant
  • Lid: wood (birch), multi-layer board, water-resistant gluing, untreated


  • (W/D/H) 32,8/ 39 / 47 cm
  • seat height 45 cm
  • Lid height: ca. 2,1 cm
  • Urine canister: 10ℓ
  • solids container: 10.5ℓ
  • Fan 40 mm
    (Option: fan right or left - viewed from front)
    0.48 watts, 0.04 A input current, 3800 rpm, 14 dB/ A


  • About 10 kg
  • Loadable up to approx. 150 kg

Scope of delivery

  • PE housing in the ordered color
  • Integrated toilet seat, made of one piece with upper part for easy, hygienic cleaning
  • Urine canister 10ℓ incl. odor trap/ leakage protection
  • Solid waste bucket 10.5ℓ with lid
  • Multilayer wooden lid with holding magnets
    (Wood is natural and can be designed individually)
  • Optional variant with fan - fan set:
    Fan with clamp connection Ø of 40 mm
    (Option: fan on the right or left - viewed from the front)
    connection: clamp connection (3-pin Molex)
    1,5 m hose
    Housing and gill plate

Customer Reviews

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Carsten Sandtner
Großartige Toilette und noch besserer Service!

Über die Trelino L wurde schon genug geschrieben und gelobt. Ich kann mich nur anschließen. Wir haben in unserem Kasten die Chemie-Toilette rausgeschmissen und durch eine Trelino ersetzt. Beste Entscheidung!

Was noch besser ist, ist der Service, den man hier im Shop geboten bekommt! Immer hilfsbereit und darauf bedacht, dass die Kunden immer zufrieden sind! Wir sind es! Danke!